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  F.A.Q. - Frequently Ask Questions

What is the largest file I can upload?

The maximum allowed file size is 125 MB.
Contact Us if more is needed!

How long will my files stay hosted here?

Your files will be kept on our servers 4 as long as you want them to!
You will receive delete links when upload is complete!
Also you can included you email address in the File Description and request for us to contact you! or tell us to delete after we download!
and if the file is not downloaded every 30 Days it will be deleted automaticaly
Note:You files will not be viewable/downloadable by any one but you and if you include a pass word with upload no one will be able to download the file without the password & link not even you!

What are the limits for uploading and downloading files?

You may upload a file every 3 minute(s). You may download a file every 3 minute(s).

What about smaller files?

Files less than 2 megabytes don't count towards your upload or download limits.

How can I Get the html and bb codes to post my images on web sites like myspace ebay and more?

Just visit and upload your images and it will generate all the codes you need to post pictures on and web page. Its easy to set up and use!

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